Aditya Vikram Thoomati

The 12th Plan is Coming!

"Farmers’ income and agri-land yields need to be enhanced to meet the growing foodgrains demand in the coming years, building on the success of the 11th Plan. Paradoxically, we should not aim at increasing total employment in agriculture. In fact, we need to move people out of agriculture by giving them gainful employment in the non-agricultural sector” <- Hah! Technically correct but logically wrong, Mr. PM & Pawar, especially coming to think of food security.

Now, the ‘only’ hope is to retain the young, pumping in more intellectual capital into the agrarian society. Not sure how that is going to happen with no compliance structure in place.

But then, kudos to the 3.3% Agri boost from 2.4%. Look forward to the 12th Plan now.  

I Work At The Startup Centre

This had been sitting in my drafts for quite some time. So, thought I might as well publish it, with a lot of folks asking me what I do for a living and such.

I guess it’s been one of the best decisions I made so far. To me, life has always been like an Aircraft. An Aircraft where all things get built, tested and reworked upon right from inside. The aircraft took off from a very slippery grass strip, stalled a couple of times and has now landed on The Startup Centre’s very hard asphalt runway and now taxiing at the base. Right now, I’m just at the makeshift Hangar helping other airplanes fly high and safe, fine tuning my own. It’s a phenomenal experience and there is absolutely an immense amount of learning that tags along. Coming to think of what I’m going to be, years down the line, I have no clue. Maybe I just ran out of fuel to re-takeoff. Having dropped out of college is like probably like plugging out the auto-pilot systems but it’s okay. Is it really a necessity minus convenience? I doubt it. All I see is the micron level engineering and precision that goes into an aircraft build. And that’s gonna pay off some day. Pay off so much that I’d fly much higher than Howard Hughes ever did. With that, I’m off to check off the “Correct Altimeter” from my list cuz the pressure is off by a bit within self. ;)

The Last One I Made

A smile has never been hard to give

But I have learnt that for some it is

I saw an ad on a bus last night

Two pounds a month could help save a life

But that’s not for some, that’s not for some, it’s only for some

If it’s not for one special someone then it shall be for none


And I’m not sure just how much more of this I can bear

I try to talk to God but it seems even he doesn’t care

I’ve seen the new one he’s building, and my, how he’s made not one mistake

He told me, “son, I promise you this one will be so much better than the last one I made”

All my life I’ve tried to fit in

And it’s been hard given the colour of my skin

But that’s okay because I know

That in a thousand years or so

There will be love, there’ll be enough love to cushion all the falls

And wistful thinking never stopped us from wanting it all


As I walk through the valley of death, I am alone, I am alone

And all those words that you once said, they no longer take me home (X2)

I am alone (X3)

And I don’t know how much longer I can wait

He told me, “son, I promise you this one will be so much better than the last one…

It will be so much better than the last one I made”

“Fire, the second safest way to travel!”

“Fire, the second safest way to travel!”